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Try Bringing in More Acceptance in Your Life and See What Happens

The focus on what you do not want is released and is ideally shifted to the things that you do want. This will help you concentrate your time and energy to create more positive experiences.

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How to Start Getting Back to a Positive Mindset in 3 Steps

A fall from grace seems to weigh heavier compared to those who fail often. Each person has their own coping mechanism and it may take longer for others to recover from their melancholic state.

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Building Blocks: Push-ups, budgeting and positivity

Health – Remember to do your push-ups You can pause right now and do this exercise if you have not done so today. Go ahead, there is no point in delaying it any longer. This is why you are reading this anyway. Consider yourself reminded. There are many benefits to doing push-ups, among which are: […]

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