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Health – The Sweet Culprit

We all know that eating too much sugar is not good for us. It makes us feel heavy and sluggish. Not only that, it is the leading cause of weight gain.

Yes, those pies and cupcakes sure look good but are they really worth it? A moment’s pleasure might trigger unwanted effects or even increase your risk of disease such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and hypertension.

Desserts such as a scoop of ice cream are obviously carriers of the sweet stuff. Note however that excess sugars also comprise the ingredients of ketchup, coleslaw and even ready to drink teas.

Wealth – Out with the Old, In with the New

Items that have outlived its purpose would probably be more useful to others than just lying around your house. If it is just taking up space and accumulating dust, then it might already be a good time to consider unloading it.

It can truly be difficult to part with sentimental items, so take it at your own pace. When you are ready, here are some websites to choose from: eBay, Gone or Craigslist.

Keep on listing your unwanted stuff and before you know it, you will have a more spacious home and a fatter wallet.

Consciousness – Let It Flow

There are some things that are difficult to accept: unwanted weight gain, losing a job or ending a valued relationship. Though it is understandable to feel disappointment or frustration at first, focusing on the problem for too long will do nothing to improve your situation. The next thing to do is to admit that it happened then find ways to allow yourself to move on.

This is a choice that you must make on your own. Take your time, acceptance will come to you whether sooner or later.