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Health – Remember to do your push-ups

You can pause right now and do this exercise if you have not done so today. Go ahead, there is no point in delaying it any longer. This is why you are reading this anyway. Consider yourself reminded.

There are many benefits to doing push-ups, among which are:

Stronger upper body
Increased agility
Better posture

When done properly, this exercise will only take less than ten minutes of your time. Start by doing three sets per work out as often as you can per week until it is a daily habit.

Wealth – Prepare and stick to your budget

Always spend within your means. Before parting with your hard-earned cash, you should check if it will not get you into trouble at the end of the month.

Remember to include these when creating your budget:

Plan, create and keep track
Be realistic, keep it simple and fun
Know your fixed and variable expenses

Impulse buying is usually the cause of overspending. Ask yourself, if you really need that new thing that is being marketed to you. Refer first to your budget and think about the significance of your prospected purchase before actually doing so.

Consciousness – Have a positive mind set

Your world is a reflection of your thoughts. If you think that you can do something, you will eventually be able to accomplish it. The only things that are impossible are those which you have set up in your own mind.

Distinguish the following sets of beliefs that can affect the basis of your reality:

Factual or Fictitious
Fear or Courage
Meditation or Distraction

Yes, it may be difficult to always seek the high road or even be aware of it. This does not mean however that you will not try.